Skaven Pestilence vs Death

Mission: Dark Omens
Point Limit: 1500
Deployment Type:


Skaven Pestilence:
  • Leaders
    • Verminlord Corruptor
    • Plague Priest with Warpstone-tipped Staff
  • Units
    • 20-rat Plague Monks equipped with Foetid Blades, Icon of Pestilence, Doom Gongs
    • 20-rat Plague Monks equipped with Foetid Blades, Contagion Banner, Bale-chimes
    • 15-rat Plague Censer Bearers
  • War Machines
    • 3 x Plagueclaw
  • Battalions
    • Foulrain Congregation

Death: Legion of Sacrament
  • Leaders
    • Arkan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament
    • Necromancer
    • Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade
  • Units
    • 2-man Morghast Archai
    • 10-man Black Knights
    • 10-bones Grave Guard equipped with Great Wight Blades
    • 20-bones Skeleton Warriors equipped with Ancient Spears
    • 20-bones Skeleton Warriors equipped with Ancient Blades

The Deployment:
I setup the Foulrain Congregation and the rest of the units to protect it. Death player set Arkan and 20 Skeletons near the objective. Morghast Archai and the rest of the leaders on the right side of the table. Rest of his army is in the graveyard.
You can notice there are Tau and Tyranid unit on the board. There was a second game going on at the same time. We are going to Fortress Siege III and I wanted for us to train. This was a stress test and for us to get used to a very busy battlefield.

Skaven Turn 1:
Foulrain Congregation does 3 wounds to Arkan.

Death Turn 1:
The dead start to rise from the Graveyards. Arkan heals himself, gets in combat, kills a lot of Plague Monks, but gets back 5 wounds.

Death Turn 2:
Skeletons near Arkan assault the Plague Censer Bearers. 16 die, the rest flee from battle. Arkan kills a few Monks, gets one wound then remaining Monks flee.
On the other flank Black Knights kill a lot of Plague Monks, some flee but their poisonous blood kill 2 riders.

Skaven Turn 2:
Plague Censer Bearers take down Arkan. Plague Claws fail at hitting or wounding the Black Knights. Verminlord starts a Plague that kills 3 riders and 5 Grave Guards. The big rat assaults the Knights and kills one more. Plague Monks are killed by the Black Knights.

Death Turn 3:
Verminlord is killed bu the Grave Guard. Black Knights inflict 3 wounds on one of the Plague Claws.

Skaven Turn 3:
Some mystic storm starts and every unit suffers one mortal wound. Plague Censer Bearers kill the Morghast Archai. Foulrain Congregation fail again to hit or wound.

Skaven Turn 4:
Finally Plague Claws do something and kill the Black Knights. Plague Censer Bearers kill the Grave Guard.

Death Turn 4:
Wight King and Necromancer kill a lot of Plague Censer Bearers, they get some wounds back but most of them flee.

Death Turn 5:
The two leaders killed the last rat.

Skaven Turn 5:
Again something strange happens in the world and we get one more mortal wound that kills the Necromancer. My Plague Claws kill the whole squad of Skeletons that was holding the objective.

Game ends after 5 turns. We both had the same amount of points. I had more unit points alive so Skaven win!
The 40K game also ends with a final score of Tau 5 - 2 Tyranids.

Foulrain Congregation is good, but only against large units, 10+ models. Plague Censer Bearers will kill anything. If  you have a unit of Plague Monks, a Plague Priest and a Verminlord close you will have, on the charge, 4 attacks hitting on 4+ re-rolling, wounding on 2+ with rend -1. Verminlord is sooooo weak, it's almost useless. The Plague Monks I think they should be kitted offensive, with Contagion Banner and Bale-chime. 6's will be rend -1 and make an extra mortal wound.

Abaddon the Despoiler

I got the model from ebay and it was awfully painted. I put the model in break fluid which removed most of the paint.

Blood Bowl Player Cards

I made custom player cards for the Dwarf, Goblins, Skaven, Pestilent Vermin, Chaos Renegades and Elven Union teams. If you intend to use them I suggest printing them 65x92 mm.

Necrons vs Death Guard

Mission: Maelstorm of War: Cleanse and Capture
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Point Limit: 1500

City terrain

 I bought this from the flea market, I got it with a bunch of other terrain pieces and it all cost only 8$.

January 2018 purchases

This month I month I bought a Ork Gorkanaut, an airbrush, 2 Lords of Contagion and 10 Poxwalkers.
I will use the remaining bit from the Gorkanaut to convert the Mini into a proper Ork mobile. The airbrush is a Hansa Topline 281.