Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blood Bowl - Human Team

I got back my human team from painting and they look great.

I added numbers on their backs.
 Added grass to the base.
 Then I painted a white line on some of the bases.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought - Purchased

I ordered from the Chinese again and I received a perfect re-cast of a Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought. This time it took 6 weeks for the pack to arrive but the price difference is worth the wait. Miniature arrived in perfect condition, almost no mold lines and easy to assemble.
Now I'm waiting for the arms to arrive. I ordered 2 x Grav-Flux Bombard. To all enemies of Chaos: FEAR HIM!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chaos Space Marines vs Tau

Mission : Maelstorm of War - Tactical Escalation
Deployment: Spearhead Assault
Points limit: 2000

Chaos Space Marines:
Battalion Detachment: Legion: Renegade Chapters
  • HQ
    • Chaos Lord equipped with Plasma Pistol, Power Sword
    • Chaos Lord on Bike equipped with Chainsword, Power Axe and Talisman of Burning Blood
  • Troops
    • 10-man Chaos Cultists
    • 10-man Chaos Space Marines equipped with 2 x Meltagun
    • 10-man Chaos Space Marines equipped with 2 x Flamer and Power Axe
  • Elites
    • 10-man Plague Marines equipped with 2 x Plasma gun,  Bubotic Axe, Flail of Corruption, Great plague cleaver, Mace of Contagion and bubotic axe
    • 9-man Rubric Marines equipped with Force stave
  • Fast Attack
    • 10-man Chaos Bikes equipped with Power Axe
  • Heavy Support
    • Chaos Predator equipped with Twin lascannon and 2 x Heavy bolter
    • 9-man Chaos Havocs equipped with 4 x Heavy bolter
  • Flyer
    • Heldrake equipped with Baleflamer
  • Dedicated Transport
    • 3 x Chaos Rhino equipped with 2 x Combi-Bolter

Battalion Detachment:
  • HQ
    • Commander equipped with 4 x Fusion blaster, 2 x MV4 Shield Drone and Shield Generator
    • Darkstrider
  • Troops
    • 3 x 7-man Breacher Team
  • Elites
    • XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit equipped with 2 x Fusion blaster
    • 3-man XV8 Crisis Battlesuits equipped with 9 x Burst cannon and 3 x MV1 Gun Drone
    • 3-man XV8 Crisis Battlesuits equipped withAirbursting fragmentation projector, 2 x Missile pod, 3 x Cyclic ion blaster, 3 x Fusion blaster and 3 x MV1 Gun Drone
  • Fast Attack
    • 10-man Pathfinder Team equipped with 7 x Markerlight and 3 x Rail rifle
  • Heavy Support
    • 3-man XV88 Broadside Battlesuits equipped with 3 x Heavy rail rifle and 6 x Plasma rifle
  • Flyer
    • AX39 Sun Shark Bomber equipped with Markerlight, 2 x Missile pod, 2 x MV17 Interceptor Drone, 2 x Seeker missile

The Deployment:
I set my bikes as close I could towards the enemy. Havocs, Predator and a Chaos Lord inside a building holding an objective. Rubric Marines are inside the chrome Rhino, Marines with flamer inside the Khorne Rhino and Plague Marines in the last Rhino.
My opponent set his Fire Warriors around Darkstrider.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 1:
Rhinos move up the board. Heldrake fries some Fire Warriors. I lose a bike when assaulting the Ghostkeel and I manage to do only one wound.

Tau Turn 1:
Crisis and Commander drop behind my bikes and Rhinos. They kill most of the bikers and a Rhino. Bomber kills 4 Havocs.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 2:
Marines with flames disembark shoot and charge the Crisis suites. Rubric Marines do the same to the Commander. After shooting everything at those Crisis one squad goes down. Bokes assault again the Ghostkeel and do one more wound. Heldrake does 4 wounds on a Broadside.

Tau Turn 2:
Ghostkeel kills a bike. Pathfinders do 4 wounds on the Lord. Commander kills a Rhino. Crisis murder 4 Rubric Marines. Broadsides do a couple of wounds on the Heldrake.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 3:
Plague Marines assault a squad of Fire Warriors, kill them but loose guy. Havocs finish off the Commander. Marines, Rubric and Cultists kill 2 of the Crisis suites. Heldrake kills one Broadside and the Chaos Lord on bike kills some Pathfinders.

Tau Turn 3:
Ghostkeel kills the Chaos Lord. Fire Warriors kill 2 Plague Marines. Broadsides kill 3 Rubric Marines, then the Crisis kills the last one. Bomber kills the 2 bikes.

Chaos Turn 4:
Marines kill the Crisis Battlesuite. Plague Marines kill the Breacher Teams. Heldrake kills 2 Pathfinders, then assaults the Bomber inflicting 2 wounds. Predator kills one Broadside.

Tau Turn 4:
Bomber kills some Plague Marines. Ghostkeel and Broadside kill the Heldrake.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 5:
Marines assault the Ghostkeel and 2 of them die. Plague Marines kill Darkstrider.

Tau Turn 5:
Ghostkeel, Patfinder and Broadside manage to kill only 3 Marines. Bomber kills a marine from the second squad.

Chaos Turn 6:
Marines kill the Pathfinder and grab the objective. Everybody else shot and killed the Bomber.

We calculated how many points my opponent can score in his turn and he decided not to continue. Game end Chaos 21 - 17 Tau.
Turn 6 won me the game since I scored a couple of D3 objectives and rolled well with the die.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Playing Down of War 3

I started the campaign for Dawn of War 3 and I can say that they payed much attention to the table top game. You start the first mission with Blood Angels, lead by Gabriel Angelos, fighting back the Orks and gathering allies.
 On the second mission you take control of the Orks lead by the Ork Boss "Goreguts" who wants to kill the humies and get rid off the big boss.
Finally you get to play as Eldar, who are searching for an artifact to become all powerful.