Thursday, August 17, 2017

More presents

My work colleagues and my friends got me store credit on as a birthday present and I bought:
  • Start Collecting! Skaven Pestilens
  • Blood Bowl Scarcrag Snivellers (Goblin Team)
  • Codex: Chaos Space Marines
  • Datacards: Chaos Space Marines

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Black Legion vs Ultramarines

Mission : Maelstorm of War - Contact Lost
Deployment: Spearhead Assault
Points limit: 1500

Chaos Space Marines:
Vanguard Detachment: Legion World Eaters
  • HQ
    • Chaos Lord equipped with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
    • Abaddon the Despoiler
  • Elites
    • 6-man Terminators equipped with 4 x Combi-plasma and Power Axe
    • 10-man Khorne Berserkers equipped with Chainaxe and Chainsword
    • 9-man Rubric Marines equipped with Inferno Boltgun
  • Heavy Support
    • 6-man Havocs equipped with 4 x Lascannon and Boltgun
    • 5-man Havocs equipped with 4 x Missile launcher
  •  Dedicated Transport
    • 2 x Chaos Rhino equipped with 2 x Combi-bolter

Space Marines:
Battalion Detachment: Ultramarines Chapter Tactics
  • HQ
    • Captain equipped with Mastercrafted Boltgun and Chainsword
    • Lieutenant with Mastercrafted Boltgun and Chainsword
  • Troops
    • 2 x 5-man Scouts equipped with Boltguns
    • 10-man Tactical Squad equipped with Gravgun, Grav-cannon, Combi-grav and 8 x Boltguns
  • Elites
    • Ironclad Dreadnought equipped with Power Fist, 2 x Heavy Flamer, 2 x Hunter Killer Missiles and Ironclad Assault Launchers
    • 3-man Aggressor Squad equipped with Flamestorm Gauntlets
  • Heavy Support
    • Predator equipped with 2 x Lascannon and Twin Lascannon
    • 5-man Devastator Squad equipped with 3 x Heavy Bolter, Lascannon and Armorium Cherub
  • Fast Attack
    • 3-man Inceptor Squad equipped with 2 x Assault Bolters
  •  Dedicated Transport
    • Razorback equipped with Twin Assault Cannon and Storm Bolter

 * we created the lists using the indexes

The Deployment:
Abaddon and Terminators are set in reserves, Berserkers and Rubric Marines ar inside Rhinos and are set on the edge of the deployment zone, Havocs and Chaos Lord hide in a ruin.
My opponent deployed his Devastators, Predator, Captain and Lieutenant in a ruin and everybody had re-roll 1 to hit and to wound. Scouts are deployed at the middle of the board. Inceptors are held in reserves.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 1:
Berserkers disembark assault a Scout Squad and kill them. Rubric Marines Rhino grabs an objective. Both Rhinos shoot at the other squad of Scouts but only one model falls. Missile Havocs shoot at the Aggressor Squad and again I killed only one model. Lascannons manage to take down the Ironclad Dreadnought. Abaddon and the Terminators drop near the Razorback and once again I rolled poorly to wound and got 4 wounds on the model.

Space Marines Turn 1:
Grav Squad, Razorback, Predator and Devastators gun down my Terminators and leave Abaddon in 2 wounds. Aggressors attack the Berserkers and die. Scouts charge a Rhino but nothing happens. Inceptor Squad kill 2 Havocs from the Lasscannon squad and charge the Missile team but no losses.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 2:
Rubric Marines disembark and shoot down a couple of Marines. Rhinos move on other objectives and kill 2 more Scouts. Lascannon team get 7 wounds on the Predator. Berserkers charge the Razorback but they don't get to hit it because Abaddon kills it, but he is not able to kill the last remaining 2 Marines and he also looses a wound because of the deamon weapon. Chaos Lord charges the Inceptors and kills one.

Space Marines Turn 2:
Scouts charge again the Rhino but they don't wound it. The remaining Inceptor breaks from combat and charges the Lascannon team and kills 2 guys. The lonely Marine runs from combat and the Devastator squad takes down the Berserkers and the Predator takes care of Abaddon.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 3:
This was a tragic turn for me since I almost nothing wounded. Rhinos both shot at the Scouts, didn't wound them. Rubric Marines shot at the Devastators, no wounds. Missiles Havocs killed 2 Devastators. Chaos Lord charges and kills the Inceptor.

Space Marines Turn 3:
Devastators and Grav Marines kill most of the Rubric Marines and the Predator kills one of my Lascannons.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 4:
Rhinos finally kill the Scouts. Lascannon misses the Predator and the missiles get kill one Devastator. Rubric Marines get one wound on the Lieutenant and one of them dies in combat with the lonely Marine.

Space Marines Turn 4:
Rubric guys die from Grav team, Devastators and Predator wound the Rhino and kill my Lascannon.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 5:
Rhinos kill the lonely Marine and Havocs kill all the Devastators.

Space Marines Turn 5:
Wounded Rhino is killed and the other one takes a few wounds.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 6:
Havocs hide since everything was out of firing range and the Rhino moves back to secure the objective.

 Space Marines Turn 6:
Nothing else to do but shoot at the Rhino but it does not kill it.

The games ends and Chaos wins 12 - 10.

 Really close game, lucky for me is that I could score something every turn. I wish I had something to re-roll to wound dice of 1's like my opponent, it would of made a huge difference. Looking forward to the codex where a lot of units are cheaper.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Birthday present: BLOOOOOD BOWL!!!!!

My wonderful wife bought me BLOOD BOWL! I am so happy, I finally have my own game. Besides the standard team that come in the box, I also purchased the dwarfs and the skaven teams. I also bought dice for all the teams that are currently launched.

Next I will buy the goblin team and very soon I will post how I painted the dwarfs team.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ender's Crafts: Daemons of Chaos vs Skaven, 31.05.2017

Ender's Crafts: Daemons of Chaos vs Skaven, 31.05.2017

Watch my Skaven fight against Chaos Daemons in an epic Fantasy Battle.

World Eaters vs Tyranids

Mission : Maelstorm of War - Cleanse and Capture
Deployment: Front-Line Assault
Points limit: 1500
Chaos Space Marines:
Battalion Detachment: Legion World Eaters
  • HQ
    • 2 x Chaos Lord equipped with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
    • Kharn the Betrayer
  • Troops
    • 15-man Chaos Space Marines equipped with 2 x Flamers and Boltguns
    • 10-man Chaos Space Marines equipped with 2 x Flamers and Boltguns
    • 10-man Khorne Berserkers equipped with Bolt Pistol and Chainsword
  • Elites
    • 2 x 5-man Chosen equipped with 4 x Flamers
  • Heavy Support
    • 2 x 5-man Havocs equipped with 4 x Heavy Bolters 
  •  Dedicated Transport
    • 3 x Chaos Rhino 
Battalion Detachment:
  • HQ
    • 2 x Broodlord
    • Tyranid Prime equipped with Adrenal Glands, Deathspitter, Lash Whip and Bonesword and Toxic Sacs
  •  Troops
    • 20-xenos Genestealers equipped with Rendin Claws
    • 30-xenos Hormagaunts
    • 2 x 3-xenos Ripper Swarms
    • 2 x 25-xenos Termagaunts equipped with Fleshborers
  • Elites
    • 3-xenos Venomthrope equipped with Toxic Lashes
  • Fast Attack
    • 7-xenos Tyranid Shrikes equipped with Adrenal Glands, 2 x Barbed Strangler, 5 x Deathspitter, Flesh Hooks, Lash Whip and Boneswords and Toxic Sacs

The Deployment:
Berserkers, Chosen, Kharn and a Chaos Lord start in Rhinos, Havocs occupied the building in the middle near a Chaos Lord and Chaos Space Marines took the objectives on the side.
Tyranid deployment was simple, blobs in front, important stuff in the back and the Shrikes were hiding behind the building on the left.
Although I finished deploying first, my opponent manage to steal the initiative.

Tyranids Turn 1:
Absolutely everybody advanced  in the movement phase. Venomthropes got catalyst cast upon them. Shrikes managed to kill 3 Marines with their assault weapons.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 1:
Berserkers, Kharn, Chaos Lord and one squad of Chosen disembarked and moved closer to the hoard of Hormagaunts. The Marines on the right managed to take down one Genestealer. Havocs and Marins on the right took down 3 Shrikes. My units in the middle they all manage to get in combat and Berserkers leave only 2 Hormagaunt models, getting everybody out of combat and denying first blood (note to self: always change the bolt pistol with a bloody Chainaxe).

Tyranids Turn 2:
At this point the dice gods possessed the body of my adversary and 50% of his rolls were 6's, ALWAYS.
Genestealers get close to the Berserkers and Chosen. Broodlords Smite the Berserkers and take out a couple guys. Termagaunts also kill a couple of the dudes. Hormagaunts assault the bling-bing Rhino but they don't damage it. Genestealers and Broodlord assault the Berserkers and the Chosen, I manages to kill one or 2 models in overwatch, but they took out all my chosen and left but one Berserker. I interrupted the combat and hit with Kharn, he killed the last Berserker and almost killed the Chaos Lord and a couple of Genestealers. My Chaos Lord also manged to kill some bastards.
On the other side of the battlefield, Shrikes shot and assaulted my Marines and left me with only one model.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 2:
I disengage from battle with the lonely Marine and shot the Shrikes with Heavy Bolters and the Bolters from the 2 red Rhinos leaving one model with one wound so I assaulted it with both Rhinos. I didn't manage to kill the bastard but he got a wound off one tank.
Marines on the right of the battlefield shot at the other Broodlord but no damage. Kharn kills all the Genestealers,  Broodlord kills the Chaos Lord. Bling-bling Rhino kills a Hormagaunt.
I realized that I forgot to disembark the Chosen, #doomed.unit.

Tyranids Turn 3:
The Broodlord disengages combat and Kharn is shot to death by Termagaunts (good bye angry little dude 😢) . Termagaunts and the other Broodlord attack and leave the bling-bling Rhino in one wound.
The Shrike takes another wound down the Rhino.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 3:
I finally disembark the Chosen and I forget to move them away from the Rhino. Havocs and Marines on the right kill 2 Venomthropes and the lonely Marine assaults the Shrike and kills it. Bling-bling Rhino explodes kills the Chosen Champion but it also wounds the Broodlord.

Tyranids Turn 4:
Termagaunts advance through the middle of the board with the Broodlord at their side. Chosen are killed with Smite and Toxic Lashes from the Venomthrope. The Broodlord that was in combat, looses 2 wound from Perils of the Warp but now he is free and manages to assault the squad of Chaos Space Marines. Unfortunately, for him, he dies and I get closer to the pesky Termagaunts. My opponent forgot his Ripper Swarm so they were declared dead.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 4:
I advance the Rhinos to the enemy side to steal some objectives. One squad of Havocs kill the last
Venomthrope. The other squad of Havocs and the Chaos Space Marines unload everything in the Termagaunts.

Tyranids Turn 5:
One squad of Termagaunts move back to grab an objective and the other assaults the Marines, but many of them die.

Chaos Space Marines Turn 5: 
I move my Rhinos closer to the objective held by the blob of Termagaunts and killing a few. One squad of Havocs killed more Termagaunts. Chaos Space Marines killed the unit that was in combat with pistols. The other Havocs left the Broodlord in one wound but he was finished by the Marines in combat.

After 5 turns the game ended. Final score was Chaos Space Marines 7 - 6 Tyranids.
Close game, it was fun, many mistakes on both sides but overall we had fun.


Renegade Knight shoulder pads

I painted some Imperial Knight shoulder pads for a friend of mine. It was the first time that I tried free hand and I learned that first I should draw the shape on a piece of paper than apply it to the model. I did the nurgle first and it's bad, the second I drew it on paper and it's a little better. I will try this in the future and hopefully I will get better at it.