Thursday, October 12, 2017

Skultakers vs Grey Knights

Mission : Maelstorm of War - Cleanse and Capture
Deployment: Front-Line Assault
Points limit: 2000

Chaos Space Marines:
Vanguard Detachment: Legion: Skultakers
  • HQ
    • Zhufor the Impaler
  • Elites
    • Chaos Decimator equipped with 2 x Decimator siege claw with hellflamer
    • Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought equipped with Twin autocannon and Hellforged deathclaw with Combi-bolter
    • Hellforged Predator equipped with Plasma destroyer and 2 x Lascannon
  • Fast Attack
    • Blood Slaughterer of Khorne equipped with 2 x Slaughter blade
    • Blood Slaughterer of Khorne equipped with Slaughter blade and Impaler harpoon
  • Heavy Support
    • 3 x Hellforged Rapier Battery equipped with 2 x Quad heavy bolter and Laser destroyer
Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment: Legion: Skulltakers
  • Lord of War
    • Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne

Grey Knights:
Battalion Detachment: Imperium: Grey Knights

  • HQ
    • Grand Master equipped with Nemesis Warding Stave and Storm Bolter
    • Lord Kaldor Draigo
  • Troops
    • 10-man Strike Squad equipped with 2 x Psilencer
    • 2 x 5-man Strike Squad equipped with Psilencer
  • Heavy Support
    • 10-man Purgation Squad equiped with 4 x Psilencer
    • 2 x 10-man Purgation Squad equipped with 2 x Psilencer
  • Dedicated Transport
    • 3 x Razorback equipped with Twin Assault Cannon
Vanguard Detachment: Imperium: Inquisition
  • HQ
    • Celestine with one Geminae Superia
  • Elites
    • 3 x Acolytes

The Deployment:
I set my shooty guys around Zhufor and the melee guys on the edge of the deployment zone.
Grey Knights set Celestine and surround her with Razorbacks, rest of the army in reserves.
I was supposed to start but my adversary stole the initiative.

Grey Knights Turn 1: 
Celestine flew 24" directly towards the batteries and managed to engage them. All the guys got out of the transports and killed the Scorpion which exploded and wounded the Blood Slaughterers. Grey Knights also got a few wounds on the other batteries and the Contemptor Dreadnought.

Skulltakers Turn 1:
Green Blood Slaughterer assaulted a squad and killed it, the other one managed only to kill 3 out of 5. Predator killed Celestine, and batteries took out one squad and 3 more from another.

Grey Knights Turn 2:
Both Blood Slaughterers die and the Contemptor Dreadnought is reduced to 2 wounds. Celestine charges the Predator and Zhufor but gets her ass kicked.

Skulltakers Turn 2:
Decimator burns a squad of marines. Batteries and Dreadnought kill a few more marines. Zhufor kills Celestine in combat.

Grey Knights Turn 3:
Decimator and Dreadnought die. Draigo and 2 marines assault Zhufor and kill him.

I conceded since didn't have any units left to use.

Celestine is really annoying being able to move 24" and loosing first turn was a game changer.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


After one year of waiting, games workshop finally had the Soul Grinder in stock and I manged to get one.
I primed the model with white primer.
 I painted the skin with Khorne red.
 I used a combination of matte and glossy black for the mechanical parts. I combined the two blacks because the matte covers any surface with one stroke and the glossy one will give the model a nice shine.
I painted the had with silver and the ornaments with gold, then I washed the body with nuln oil.
I dry brushed the body with mephiston red.
Washed all the gold with agrax earthshade.
 I painted the teeth, horns, tubes, mouth and eyes.
 Last I edge highlighted with silver the legs.

Tyranid Forest

I got some more lotus flowers and I decided to make a forest with them.
I glued the lotus on to a base and primed it with grey spray. I also made a rock path and painted it with black.
 I added some eggs and charcoal pieces. Painted the base with brown, but around the eggs and lotus I used yellow.
 I painted the lotus with purple, green and pink. Dry brushed the eggs with pink and white. Dry brushed the charcoal with a brighter brown and I decided to add some to the base.
Since I had a really large surface to cover with grass I had to use something else, so I bought a pack of parsley and glued it on the whole base. I also bought decorative plants for fish tanks and glued some onto the base.
 Next I painted the tips of the grass and the hot glue with fluorescent yellow.
 Last I painted some of the grass in different colors.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Objective marker number 6

 I chopped a Daemon Prince hand, I cleaned the handle, glued it on a die and covered the die with milliput. After the epoxy hardened, I cut forms on it to look like a rock.

I primed it white.

I painted the rock with black and dry brushed it with white. I painted the sword with mephiston red and washed it with nuln oil. I brighten it up with mephiston red and I painted the ornaments with some crazy orange. Next I washed the orange with bael red. I painted the handle with gold and washed it with agrax earthshade.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Objective marker number 5

I made a sidewalk out of miliput and glued a street light over it.

I primed it white.

 I painted the light post with metallic paint, added some gold and I layered with blue the lamp.

Objective marker number 4

I had a Khorne throne from a skull cannon that was glued to a square base, so I glued all of that to a 40mm round base and filled the rest of the base with miliput.

I primed the model white.

I applied two things coats of pale witch flesh to the skulls. I painted the metal with gold. I washed it all with agrax earthshade. Added highlights with the same colors. I painted the base black and with blood for the blood god over.